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​Service Includes:

  • Hand wash & dry with microfiber towels

  • Cleaning of wheels and tires
  • Application of tire shine/protection
  • Clean all door jambs and trunk seals
  • Clean glass inside & out
  • Apply spray wax paint protector
  • Vacuum of carpets & mats
  • Vacuum of seats (for cloth seats)
  • Wiping of all interior surfaces
  • Leather conditioner for leather seating surfaces
  • Apply UV protector to all hard surfaces to restore shine​
  • Vacuum seats, carpets, trunk and floor mats
  • Wipe down all interior surfaces
  • Apply UV protectant to all hard interior surfaces to restore shine and luster
  • Wipe down any leather surfaces and apply a conditioner
  • Hand wash & dry of vehicle exterior
  • Entire vehicle receives clay bar treatment to remove any surface contaminants
  • Cleaning of wheels and tires
  • Application of tire shine
  • Glass cleaned inside and out
  • Vehicle is compounded to remove light to medium scratches that have not gone through clear coat
  • Application of paint sealant
  • Swirl marks are buffed for removal
  • Door jambs and trunk seals cleaned
  • Vehicle seats and carpets are completely shampooed and steam cleaned
  • Cleaning of headliner
    Vacuum of carpet, floor mats, and seats
  • Deep clean and conditioning of leather seats
  • Dashboard is cleaned and protected
  • All hard surfaces are UV protected
  • Engine compartment is wiped down
  • Headlight restoration is performed

Premium Shine Detail

- Cars: $199* 
- Trucks/SUVs: $239* 
- Large SUVs, Lifted Trucks, & Oversized Vehicles: $249*

Is your vehicle in need of a complete detail? The detailing services of Zero to Shine can fulfill your vehicle's needs. This service address all the major areas that are subject to regular wear and tear.  Also included is an interior detail to bring life back to the interior seating and carpeted surfaces. Value packaged with many services and affordably priced, this package is an excellent value that brings the auto detail shop to your home or office. Our service puts convenience, value, and stunning results all into one great package. Call us today to set up your detailing appointment.

  • carpet, floor mats, and seats are shampooed and steam cleaned
  • leather (if applicable) is cleaned and treated with a protectant
  • dash is dusted and protected from the sun's UV rays
  • air freshener is applied in your choice of fragrances
  • air vents are dusted and cleaned
  • door jambs are cleaned and detailed

Deluxe Shine Detail

- Cars: $129
- Trucks: $159
- Oversized & Lifted Trucks, Vans, & SUVs: $179

The Deluxe Shine Detail is the next level up from the maintenance detail. It covers all of the basic services, plus addresses some of the most common areas in your vehicle may be overlooked during your normal cleaning routine. Best of all this service is still brought to you conveniently at your home or office. 

What's included:

  • vehicle is washed and dried by hand
  • glass is cleaned  in & out
  • wheels and tires are cleaned
  • tires are dressed to a shine
  • high quality paste wax is applied and removed by hand using a microfiber towel leaving vehicle with a high-level shine
  • Clay bar of all painted surfaces 
  • ​interior is vacuumed, trunk is vacuumed by request at no charge

​Zero To Shine Maintenance Detail

Cars -$79* 
Trucks/SUVs & Vans- $99* 
Oversized/Lifted Vehicles- $129

Is your car a little dusty on inside? Did you just recently have your car detailed, but the shine is starting to wear off? Have you recently purchased a new vehicle and want to keep it looking great? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the Zero to Shine Maintenance detail package is for you. This is a great package to keep your vehicle looking great between detail sessions. It also is a great way to keep that newly purchased car looking as great as the day that it was purchased off the showroom floor. It addresses both the interior and exterior areas of your vehicle that commonly get dirty or dusty during daily use. This package is not for vehicles that are extremely dirty or ones that have never been detailed before.

Complete Vehicle Reconditioning

Are you selling or trading  your vehicle? Or maybe your vehicle is in serious need of detailing as a result of a busy lifestyle that prevents you from regularly maintaining its appearance.

If either of these situations apply to you, then you should consider having your vehicle reconditioned by Zero to Shine. The complete reconditioning package addresses all of the major areas that are subjected to the highest levels of wear and tear. Having your vehicle detailed by a professional auto detailer is a great way to instantly increase the value of your car so that you can get more money at the time of sale or trade. Detailing also restores the sense of enjoyment that comes with driving your vehicle even if you are not selling it. Call today for your appointment.

Auto Detailing Services Available in Alpharetta, GA

  • Complete outside wash with bio-degradable soap
  • Hand dry with clean microfiber towels to protect your paint
  • Clean and degrease wheels and tires
  • Apply tire and wheel dressing
  • Polish Wheels
  • Clean all door jambs and trunk seals
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Exterior dressing of plastics
  • Clay Bar all painted surfaces to remove harmful contaminants
  • Apply high quality wax by hand to all painted surfaces

Ultimate Shine Detail Package 

Cars - $329*

Trucks/SUVs - $359 & up*

Oversized or Lifted Trucks/SUVs - $379*

With this service we will polish your car using a high-speed orbital buffer. Buffing a car at this level requires training and expertise. Don't trust the task of paint buffing, polishing, and waxing to just anyone. Call Zero to Shine today.

​​​Does your car need to be cleaned a little more thoroughly? Look no further than one of our auto detailing packages to cover the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Our detailing packages cover your car's paint, glass, carpets, and upholstery leaving everything clean, sanitized, and fresh. Plus, our complete detailing service combines a number of other services that would otherwise be sold separately into one affordable package making the complete detail a great value. Using a professional car detailing service is an excellent way to get your car cleaning needs met while not having to take time out of your day to clean your vehicle yourself. We strive for perfection. Call us today for your vehicle's detailing transformation!

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